Thursday, December 30, 2004

Volkswalking and Geocaching

Today I went volkswalking and geocaching. Volkswalking is a non-competitive walking sport in which you maintain record books (events and distance) and seek to build upon your past achievements. The sport provides incentive to continue walking. I maintain an event book only and don't record distance. Today my partner Jan and I did the Utica Square year-round walk. There is a 5K and a 10K option. The walk begins and ends at the Med-X Drugstore. We did the 5K walk. This was walk number 170 for me. After I complete walk number 175, my present book will be filled up. Then I will start on the next book (events 176-200). To see what it's all about, go to

Along the way we found two geocaches. Geocaching is a fairly new sport in which participants use a GPS receiver to locate hidden caches. We found two caches along the walk route. Later we found two additional caches in the area. To learn more about geocaching go to

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