Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walking and memory

I found the following in my inbox this morning. Can't vouch for its accuracy.

Walking about six miles a week appears to protect against brain shrinkage in old age, which in turn helps stem the onset of memory problems and cognitive decline, new research reveals.

"We have always been in search of the drug or the magic pill to help treat brain disorders," noted Kirk I. Erickson, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and the study's lead author. "But really what we are after may be, at least partially, even simpler than that. Just by walking regularly, and so maintaining a little bit of moderate physical activity, you can reduce your likelihood of developing Alzheimer's disease and [can] spare brain tissue."

I was walking a mile or two on average each day this year, up until March when I developed a disk herniation. I had back surgery on Oct. 4, and I am still taking it easy while my back heals. I will be glad when I can get back on the walking trail.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad news from Tulsa World

This morning the Tulsa World had some bad news. On the front page under the heading "Poll: GOP leads almost all races," are these words "the climate is ripe for a Republican takeover of statewide offices." That is a quote from Bill Shepard, president of SoonerPoll.

We have had it good the past eight years with the leadership of Governor Brad Henry. I am afraid things will be going downhill for the next four years (unless you are a part of the wealthy elite).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dad in Fairbanks, AK

How far is it from Fairbanks to ___________?

Dad on a boat in Whitehorse, AK

Here is my dad in Whitehorse, Alaska. I don't know who the woman in this photo is. Date: Sept. 7, 1985

Dad in Alaska

Here is my father in Alaska. Date: Sept. 7, 1985.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oklahoma News Report

Tonight, I watched the “Oklahoma News Report.” I have been watching ONR more frequently in the run up to the mid-term elections. It comes on at 6:30 pm – the same time as “Wheel of Fortune,” but it is on OETA.

The reporter, Dick Pryor, said that the state legislature had decided to not look into the tax exemptions granted to the oil and gas industry and other industries in the state. Wow! I guess we know who is calling the shots in Oklahoma.

Mary Fallin, the Republican candidate for governor, has called for the elimination of the state income tax. This tax accounts for 40% of all state revenue. Would she try to replace it with another revenue source? Mary is leading in the polls and it looks like she will be the next governor. It will be interesting to see what she does once she is sworn in to office.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dad with Merrill (Bubba) Borders

Here is an early photo of my father with Merrill "Bubba" Borders.

Dad sitting at a desk

This is my father sitting at a desk in Germany at the end of WWII.

Another veiw of my dad

I don't know where this photo was taken.

Dad in Nettleton, MS

This photo was shot on June 22, 1949.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dad at the CTC machine

This picture was taken at Amory, MS in the early 1960s. Here my dad is sitting at the CTC (Centralized Traffic Control) machine. This machine controls railroad switches from Memphis to Pensacola.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Young servicemen

Here is my dad (on left) standing next to my Uncle George.

Uniform swap

Here is my dad (on left) with my Uncle George. They have traded uniforms for this picture.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In Washington, D.C.

This photo was taken in Washington, D.C. in September 1955. Dad is pretending to be holding the Washington Monument in his hand.

Grandparents with dad

Here are George Luther Nerren, Sr., standing next to my father, Paul James Nerren (wearing the navel uniform of his brother George), and my grandmother, Cecil Nerren, standing on the right.

As a babe in arms

Here is an early photo of me, taken in 1948. My dad is holding me outside our first house in Nettleton.

My dad as an nfant

The Nerren boys

Here are the three Nerren boys on the beach in Pensacola. FL. From left are Floyd, George, and Paul. This picture was taken in September 1938.

Monday, October 18, 2010


This is a photo of my father in an old cemetery. Who left that car door open?

Dad in Carbon Hill

This is a picture of my father in Carbon Hill, AL.

Northeast corner of 933 S. Pickwick

This is my father standing at the northeast corner of my house in Springfield, MO.

Wedding day photo

This is a picture of my father taken on his wedding day, November 26, 1946. In the background is the first little house we lived in. Of course, I did not appear until 1948. Where was I before then? Same "place" I was in 1848, 1748, 1648, 1548, etc. I will be back there for the celebration of my 100th birthday, unbeknownest to me.

Southwest corner of 933 S. Pickwick Ave.

Southwest corner of 933 S. Pickwick Ave. in Springfield, MO. This is my father at the gate.

Paul and Floyd

On the left is my dad in his army uniform standing next to my Uncle Floyd. This picture was taken in Carbon Hill, AL in the 1940s.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My father seated

Here is my father seated. Date probably around 1946 to 48. Location unknown.

Dad on bike

Here is my father riding a bicycle, date unknown.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jazz Heritage Society

Not long ago I joined the Jazz Heritage Society. Think of it as a book club for jazz aficinadoes, but instead of purchasing books you purchase jazz CDs. A short bit from several tracks of the CDs they sell can be heard by clicking on the appropraite tab. Click on Tracks and Soundclips; then click on the track shown below.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uncle George with my father

This is my Uncle George on the left and my father on the right.

Earthquake rattles Oklahoma

For the moments following 9:06 this morning, an earthquake shook the state. It was felt as far north as Kansas and as far south as Texas.

I recall what I was doing at the time of the quake. I was the first up this morning. I had just put a cup of Maxwell House instant coffee in the microwave for J. We were sitting at the dining room table; J was standing at the microwave. We were chatting about I don't recall what. 9:06 came and 9:06 went, and we did not feel a thing. We sat through the entire quake and did not even notice a thing.

We got out a ran a few errands. When we got back home around 1 pm, I decided to take a nap. I slept until almost 5:30 when J awoke me for the 5:30 pm news.

J is going to make some changes to the way I blog which may result in several of you who read my blog being unable to access it. For some of you, this may be the final blog post from me you will ever read.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paul Nerren at Washington, DC

Here is a picture of my father in front of the Capitol building in Washington, taken in 1955.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The day in review

Inasmuch as I am temporarily somewhat limited in my getting around, I find that I do not have as much to write about as before. Here we are in October, and I have done few volkswalks this year.

On the bright side, I called Vicki, my cousin who lives in Houston, to thank her for the Amazon Gift Card, which she purchased for me. It is such a thoughtful gift.

Today I got out for the first time following my surgery. We went to the library. J drove. On the way home, we stopped at the Crescent and got an order of boneless chicken. We must be good customers there, for the clerk at the main checkout inquired about me. Am I famous or notorous?

My father (up close)

Here is a close-up of my father from the previous posting.

Sixth grade class, 1934

My father is standing in the front row on the left side.

Early photo of my father

Here is an early photo of my father, Paul James Nerren. The location I would guess to be Dora, AL.

The Nerren boys

This is a photo of the Nerren boys: George, Floyd, and Paul.

In Carbon Hill

My father and his parents on the 1940s. The location is Carbon Hill, AL.

Dad in the late 60s or early 70s

Here is a photo of my father from way back when.

Friday, October 08, 2010

A tribute to my wonderful wife

J stuck by my side every moment we were at the hospital. She was so sweet the entire time of my stay at the hospital. I had back surgery last Monday.

She never complained of doing the dirty work. Yes, I had a few incidents of throwing up. She was by my side the entire time. Once again, I owe her my life.

The first time I owe her my life was three and a half years ago when I was dying of a brain tumor. Everyone had given up on me, except for J.

Once again this time, we made it through the surgery together. At times when I was delerious, she was the steady hand to guiide me to shore.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Home from hospital

I am back home from the hospital where I had an operation on my back last Monday. We returned on Wednesday evening just in time for the NBC Nightly News. I still have some recuperating to do, but I'll be glad to be rid of the leg pain.

My Dad

This is a black and white photo of my dad which was colored afterwards.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Dinner at Nick's

It was Humanist Sunday at Church of the Restoration today. The message was delivered by Herb. Herb spoke about humanism as a religion. I played a solo at the piano, a Russian folksong. J came with me today. Following the service, we lingered around to talk with others for about an hour. Next month John Lowerison will be the speaker.

Tonight Nick invited us over for dinner. Jennifer fixed enchilatas. They were very good. Just prior to eating, we played a game on their Wii system.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mother and Boots

Here are my mother and Aunt Boots (Martha Andrews) in an undated photo.

Uniform swap

Uniform swap. Here are my father and my uncle. My father is wearing the uniform of my uncle George. George is wearing my father's uniform.

St. Moritz

This is my dad in St. Moritz, Switzerland in June 1946.