Monday, May 12, 2014

Recent events

May 4, a Sunday, was Humanist Sunday at Church of the Restoration. I was the speaker that day. I spoke on certain aspects of the American Civil War. Just before that, we prepared breakfast, but there were only five people who were there for breakfast.

On Tuesday, May 6, there was a program at Mark Twain Elementary School for students enrolled in the Reading Partners program. My student was not there that day. It turns out he had failed to get the needed permission from his parents to attend.

The next day, May 7, we attended a program at All Souls Unitarian Church on climate change. The speaker was former Oklahoma governor David Walters. Walters was governor in the early 90s. He now runs an energy company.

On Friday, May 9, I went to the Poetry Group at Barnes & Noble bookstore. We decided last session would be the final session to use our current text. Next month we will focus on Robert Frost, specifically poems from his collection titled North of Boston.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

AAA to the rescue

Yesterday, J and Ayla wanted to go shopping at Old Navy at Southroads (41st and Yale). I drove them to the store, and since I am not a big shopper, I said I would wait in the car for them. I listened to the classical music station while they shopped. After about 20 minutes I got a call from my dad in Springfield, MO. I turned off the radio while I was on the phone. After we finished speaking, I turned the radio back on, but there was no sound. To see if everything was okay, I turned the key to start the engine. There was no response.

I have been a member of AAA for a long time. I got out my card and gave them a call. Within 30 minutes someone had arrived to give me a jump. The AAA man checked the battery and said it was time for a new one. He had a battery with him and I bought it. He took out the old battery and replaced it with the new one. Soon we were on our way back home. While all this was going on, J and Ayla were shopping at Ross.

I am the speaker tomorrow at Restoration. My subject is the American Civil War, part 2. Gail and I will play two duets: "The Water is Wide," and "Birch Tree Rag."