Monday, January 09, 2006

Geocaching adventure

Yesterday Jan and I went geocaching. The first one we found right away. After that we went looking for "White Water Welcome." Jan decided to stay in the car and let me look for this one on my own. I got to within about 160 feet of the cache, but the rest of the way was all uphill. I walked around some seeking an approach with a grade not as steep as where I parked the car.

I must have taken the wrong approach. I was soon bogged down in briars and getting nowhere fast. Meanwhile, Jan was in the car parked at the edge of the eagle sanctuary. A park ranger came up and asked her what she was doing there. Jan told her that I was out searching for a geocache and gave her a brief explanation of geocaching. The ranger said she had never heard of geocaching. Had I talked to the ranger I might have said I was on an eagle hunt, and as soon as I bagged one I was going to barbecue it over an open flame fire -- burn ban or no burn ban. That's my sense of humor. It's gonna get me shot some day.

After struggling against the briars for twenty minutes or so, I decided to try again another day. When I come back I will have a pair of clippers or snippers to free myself when I get entangled in briars. I would wear a pair of chaps if I had any. But mostly I will look for a better route to the summit.

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