Friday, September 01, 2006

Where have I been?

It is has been a few months since I have posted something new to my own blog. I have made a few posts to the HAT and TAR blogs.

I had a back problem, specifically, a herniated disk in my lumbar. I say "had," hoping the problem is now gone. The disk was pushing against nerves in my spinal column, which gave me the sensation of pain in my left leg and left foot. At times it felt as though someone were standing on my left foot. I have had two epidural steroid injections in my back which relieved ninety percent or more of the pain. During this period I had to curtail many of my regular activities.

Also, beginning in July, we have had our two grandchildren staying with us much of the time. Their mother had brain surgery in July and is still recovering from that.

Give me another month and my life might be back to normal. You never know.

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