Saturday, March 30, 2013


This is a picture of the exterior of the library in Springfield, MO. 
 This library was not here when we moved from Springfield in 1986.
Here is a view inside a coffee shop within the library.

Here we see a couple of the stacks.  To the left is the teens area.

Inside the periodicals area is an exhibit on Route 66.

This picture and those below were taken on a volkswalk in Tulsa. 
Here we are looking at the 23rd St. bridge.
There are two paths along the west side of the river. 
One is for pedestrians; the other is for bicyclests.

This is the view underneath the 23rd St. bridge.

Here we see the west side of the 23rd St. bridge.  The two paths
become one, but the two areas are separated by stripping.

Here is another view of the 23rd St. bridge.

The tall cylindrical building is the University Club tower.  On election night in 2008, we watched news coverage from Barbara Frey's apartment on the 20th floor.  The building has been in the news recently as it was the scene of a murder.  A woman pushed her husband through a window, and he fell 17 stories to his death.

This is a view of the Arkansas River.  Due to the drought,
the river has dried up considerably.  Tire tracks are visible in this view.
Here is another view of the University Club tower.

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