Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book arrives in mail

Today a book arrived in the mail.  I could not tell who sent the book to me.  It bore an Edmond, OK postmark.  The return address was phony.  It showed coming from "Paradise, Galaxy."  I'm guessing someone wants me to read the book.  The book is The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel.  There was no other text with the mailing.

Should I read the book?  If I knew who sent it, I might be inclined to read it.  But since the sender is anonymous, I will perhaps read just the first few pages and leave it at that.

Speaking of books, tonight my Kindle froze up.  I will contact customer service in the morning to see what can be done.

Gail came over this afternoon, and we practiced some duets at the piano.  We were in Springfield last Monday.  We will be playing again at Church of the Restoration in about a week and a half.

That was a mightly wind that moved through Tulsa yesterday.  At one point 100,000 people were without electrical power.  Still at this hour some 40 to 50 thousand people are without electricity.

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