Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Recent happenings

We made a trip to Springfield last week to be of help to my parents and my sister. We make frequent trips to Springfield.

Last Sunday was Humanist Sunday at Restoration. It was another bad weather day. The snow started coming down heavily around 9:20 that morning. Marilyn called to see if plans for church had been changed. I told her church was still on as far as I knew. I told her I was going to go since I was the speaker that morning. I said she should use her judgment regarding traffic conditions and the weather.

Next Gail called to see if anything had changed. I told her I was going to try to get to church, but I advised her to stay home.

It was slippery getting to church, but I made it there driving very slowly. Attendance was down, naturally. I was about ten minutes late getting there. Mary R. and Larry H. were already there. On Humanist Sunday, Larry leads the R.E. hour. We read and talked about recent columns from "The Ethicist."

Altogether that morning there were five at church: myself, Larry H., Mary R., Edna (the pianist), and Rev. Debra. I was the speaker that morning, and my talk was titled "Darwin's Gift." In liue of the duet, I played a solo: "Can't Help Falling In Love."

On Monday morning, Gail had to drive her husband to the optomitrist. He anticipated his eyes would be dialated. We postponed our practice to some future time.

Today I went to the fitness center. It was time to pay our dues for 2014. I did that and then walked three and a half miles around the basketball court.

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