Sunday, March 09, 2014

Falling behind

I just noticed that the last time I updated this blog was February 22. But there has not been a lot happening to write about.

Because J has a number of medical appointments scheduled on Mondays, Gail and I have shifted our duet practices to Fridays for the time being.

The weather was so bad last Sunday, that I called off partipation of the Humanist group at church. There were only four people who showed up at Restoration last Sunday. The speaker would have been Marilyn Clarke. We have shifted her talk to Humanist Sunday in April. This was the third Humanist Sunday in a row that was affected by the weather. "Tuscon Toccato" will be the special music whenever Gail and I get around to playing it.

Also because of the weather, Tulsa Public Schools did not meet on Monday. It was another time I had to miss out on tutoring my third-grade student at Mark Twain Elementary.

Yesterday was my 66th birthday anniversary. We went to Denny's where you get a free breakfast on your birthday. After that, we went to Saied's Music where I bought a book of music. It was cold and rainy. We were glad to get back home.

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