Sunday, November 29, 2009

HumanLight approaches

As November draws to a close, it is time to think about HumanLight, which for us in Tulsa, will be observed on Saturday, December 19. If you are unfamiliar with HumanLight, please watch the video (link below).

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Pastor Galen said...

I watched with interest, and it answered my question about atheist holidays. But, as a Christian, I still am having difficulty with humanist philosophy. Where does a humanist find a basis for ethics, morals, compassion, hope? Is it solely within one's self? If so, what if another humanist has a position and moral that is diametrically opposed to yours? What if it conflicts violently? Is there a point of right or wrong? If not, there is chaos and confusion because everyone can do what they feel is proper and feels good, no matter how it impacts others. If there is a philosophy of what is right or wrong, who determines that? What is the ground base of humanism and who gets to determine that?