Friday, May 27, 2011

Recent news

Yesterday, I went to an eye surgery center to have my cataracts evaluated. I went to the place recommended by my optomitrist. It is on Harvard Avenue in Tulsa.

The center did a thorough test of my vision. They concluded that I did not need to have surgery at this time. I was told that if I noticed any degeneration in my vision, I should come back. So I will bide my time until I notice some vision impairment.

Today was Ayla's eighth birthday party. Her party was held at a roller skating rink in Sand Springs. Her parents had reserved the rink from 5 to 7. She had presents and a cake.

Back on Tuesday, we had more storms roll through. Our neighbor on the south side of us has a storm shelter in his back yard. We went over there and rode out the storm underground. The storm missed Sand Springs. I hope that was the last storm for this season.

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