Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've got a few minutes before it is time to pick up Luke and Ayla from school.

Here's a quick update on things since my last posting. On Saturday, we had seven members of HAT meeting at the church for a discussion led by Herb. We are now meeting at Church of the Restoration, except for our main meeting which is still held at the Genealogy Center (for the time being).

The service last Sunday at Church of the Restoration was led by Mary Rounds, Rosemary Powell, and Vanessa Adams-Harris, all from the church. The title of the talk was "Freedom Riders, Justice Bound: Are We There Yet."

Monday morning Gail came over for our weekly piano duet practice. Our next performance piece will be "Plymouth Pride" by Melody Bober. We should be playing again at Restoration on Sunday, June 5. I will probably be the speaker for that service.

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