Friday, June 10, 2011

Chautauqua this week

We went to two presentations of Chautauqua this week. On Monday night we saw a portrayal of D. W. Griffith, the founder of Hollywood, and last night we saw a portrayal of Paul Robeson. Robeson is best known for singing "Old Man River" in the musical Showboat. The theme this year is the early days of Hollywood. "Louella Parsons," gossip columnist, spoke on Wednesday night. Tonight the speaker will be "W. C. Fields." "Walt Disney" will speak Saturday night. I have other obligations for the reminder of this week and will not get to hear additional talks. Attendance is down this year from past years.

"The most interesting parts of your life, you can't write about" is a comment I hear often from Mrs. N. That is true. There is a lot happening that I cannot mention in this blog. So for the time being, I will just have to sit on this information.

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