Monday, September 03, 2012

In the news

Last week was something of a busy week for me.  I was still in bed when the phone rang last Tuesday.  I let the call go to voice mail.  It was Erin Christy from Channel 2 wanting to do a television interview.  I went walking at the fitness center.  While I was there I got calls from KWGS and KRMG radio stations, both of which interviewed me over the phone.  I got another call from KTUL (Channel 8) asking for an interview.  I agreed to let them come to my house at 11:00 am.  I walked only for 30 minutes then left for the house.
I took a shower and put on clean clothes.  Soon the cameraman and Latoya Silmon showed up.  We talked about my plan to give the invocation at the Thursday Tulsa City Council meeting.  I suppose they read the article in the Tulsa World which had a headline something like “Atheist to give prayer at city council meeting.”  Seeing the piano in the living room, the crew asked me to play.  I played piano for them.  The interview (including me playing piano) was shown on the local news at 5 pm and at 6 pm and again at 10 pm.  At the end of the interview, the reporter said there would be extra security at Thursday’s City Council meeting.  Not wanting to put my life in danger, I decided to let future calls go to voicemail.  In all, I did two radio interviews and one TV interview.
I thought there might be people at the City Council meeting to protest, but nothing happened.  The invocation went off without a hitch.  Two of my friends were there to observe the proceedings.
In reporting the story, a Christian online newspaper mistakenly reported that I was a former Baptist preacher, and that the Humanist Association of Tulsa is a chapter of the ACLU, instead of a chapter of the American Humanist Association.

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