Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oklahoma Knowledge: History

1.  Where did William Wrigley manufacture his first package of chewing gum?

2.  In the 1920s, what Oklahoma town had more milliionaires per capita than New York City?

3.  What WWII submarine is on display in Muskogee?

4.  Consisting of 400 city blocks and some 2, 169 structures, where is the largest urban historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places?

5.  What notorious Apache chief was sent to Fort Sill in 1894, where he remained under military supervision until his death in 1909?

6.  Following statehood in 1907, what did the first law passed by the Legislature establish?

Scroll down for answers.

1.  Guthrie (113 North Division Street)

2.  Okmulgee

3.  USS Batfish

4.  Guthrie

5.  Geronimo

6.  Segregated public transportation

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