Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another update

Last week we drove to Springfield on Tuesday and came back on Wednesday.

On Friday we attended the Tulsa Town Hall at the PAC.  Ann Compton of ABC News spoke.  She told about being with President Bush on 9-11.  She was the only news correspondent with Bush on the trip.

Friday evening at 7 pm was a meeting of the poetry group.  We are using the book How to Read a Poem by Burton Raffel.

Saturday I spent several hours reading The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak.  That is the next book we are reading in the Methodist Book Club.  I finished the book today.

Today was Sunday.  Normally I attend Church of the Restoration; however, today I stayed home since I was not feeling 100%.  I drank lot of orange juice, hoping that it might have some salutary effect on me.

This evening we went to the Family Life Center (Methodist) for a chili competition.  Many kinds of chili were available as well as desserts.

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