Sunday, February 17, 2013

This and that

This past week was a washout, from my point of view.

Things started well enough with Gail coming over for our Monday piano rehearsal.  I had scans scheduled for Tuesday at 7:40 am.  I needed to be there at 7:10.  That meant we had to get up early to get over to Tulsa.  I had both an MRI and CT scan done.  About halfway through each procedure a contrast agent was inserted into a vein.  I have had this done before, but this time a contrast agent was introduced with both the MRI and CT.  I wasn't feeling at 100% prior to going to the hospital, I might add. 

We ate breakfast at the Crescent Cafe afterwards.  Then we came on home.  This was Tuesday the day Pres. Obama gave the State of the Union speech.  Being the political junkie that I am, I was looking forward to watching the speech; however, by that evening I was in bed feeling miserable.  I skipped hearing the speech in favor of trying to get more rest.  As the week wore on I regained strength.  I curtailed my activities and stayed inside to get rest.  Here it is Sunday, and I am back to where I was prior to getting the scans.  I was unable to make the Wednesday morning appt. to get the results of the scans.  That will have to wait another week and a half.  The scans are done to see if the tumor which was removed from my brain in 2007 is growing back.

On Saturday, I heard Dr. Stanley Rice of Southeast Oklahoma State University give a speech on Charles Darwin and Oklahoma.  While Darwin's ideas have been accepted throughout the world, here in Oklahoma he is still thought of as controversial.  There were around 40 people present to hear Dr. Rice.

Contemporary U.S. history was the topic for discussion in R.E. today.  The service was led by Rosemary Powell.  After the service three of us talked about chapters 7 and 8 of Zinn's A People's History.  Edna told me she would have to be absent on Mother's Day and asked me to fill in for her at the piano.

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