Monday, April 22, 2013

Piano and medical matters

I was on the way to the post office today when my phone rang.  It was Gail.  Gail's mother-in-law is staying at Gail's house due to her (the mother-in-law's) fragile nature.  Gail invited me to her house to practice piano duets today.  She wanted to stay close to her phone (landline) since she was expecting a call from her doctor.  I said I would be there at 1 pm.

I showed up at the Storey residence at 1 pm.  Gail's mother-in-law, Ruby, was there, along with a caregiver and Gail's husband Glenn.  We talked some about my father's condition and about the trips we have been making back and forth to Springfield.  While I was there, Gail's doctor office called with the date of an appointment for Gail.  This is the phone call she has been expecting for the past few days.

Sometime ago, we, the Storeys and the Nerrens, took a road trip to Ponca City for the purpose of eating at a world-famous restaurant at the Ponca City airport by the name of Enrique's.  It is a Mexican restaurant.  We talked about doing the same thing again this year.  We might even search for a geocache while there.  There is a labyrinth in the city which I have never walked. 

If you would like to search for geocaches in your area, go to and type in your ZIP code and take a look at your area.

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