Thursday, May 09, 2013

A visit to Target

Today we went to the Target store at the Tulsa Hills shopping center.  On our last visit there a couple of months ago I saw a bookshelf which I thought might be good for my piano music.  Presently, I am using a shelf I built myself some twenty years ago.  I used it for my magazines for several years, but decided to use it for my sheet music a few years ago.

The storage unit I built is six feet high with nine shelves about 14" square.  Since I am constantly buying new music, I ran out of space a year or two ago.  We went over to Target to buy the shelf, but they had none in stock.  In fact, they discontinued the item.  We checked at Lowe's, also in Tulsa Hills shopping center, but found nothing to our liking there.  We returned home without making a purchase.

We came back from another extended stay in Springfield, MO on Sunday.  I had to miss church.  It was Humanist Sunday and Joy Avery gave the talk.  Edna, the church pianist, will not be able to be at church this coming Sunday.  I plan to fill in for her.

Back on Easter Sunday, my father fell and broke his hip.  Thus the many trips to Springfield.  Dad is at home recuperating now.

Yesterday, we had all the windows (except the laundry room) in the house replaced.  The new windows look nice.  The crew of four worked from about 7 am to noon.

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