Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reading / Playing / Walking / Cutting

Last night I finished reading a book by C. S. Lewis.  The title was The Great Divorce.  It is the next book for discussion by the Methodist Book Club.  It was to be the book for May, but for some reason the May meeting was canceled.  Thankfully, it was not too long.  It was written some sixty to seventy years ago, a time when it was acceptable to hurl insults at atheists.  Nowdays people are more tolerant of religious diversity.

On Sunday, Edna, the church pianist, had another commitment.  I filled in for her.  I played a ten-minute interlude, and then our minister was led in.  He was led in account he is blind now and must be shown the way.  Shown is not the right word.  He has to feel his way around.  He is familiar with the sanctuary, having preached there many time before the onset of his blindness.

Vanessa had told me that the closing hymn would be "Over My Head," but she had not informed me of the opening hymn.  I suggested "Lift Every Voice and Sing."  She said she had been thinking about that hymn, too.  So that was our opening hymn.

Gail and I provided the special music, which was Gershwin's I've Got Rhythm.

Following the service, four of us engaged in hand-drumming.  I brought my two drums, and the church had two drums.  It was the first time I had drummed in a couple of years.  The four of us were myself, Vanessa, Gerald (the minister), and Hagi. I had to leave after ten minutes to get to a birthday party for Luke, my grandson.

At the birthday party for Luke, there were nine people.  We had fried chicken and potato salad for lunch.

The next day was Monday, and Gail drove over for our weekly practice.  She is considering going to a hospital in Denver in hopes of getting more information about her lung condition.  She has seen two doctors in Tulsa.  Both said it would be too dangerous to do a lung biopsy.

Today I cut the grass in the back yard.  We have taken so much out of the backyard that it is possible to cut it quickly.

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