Saturday, September 21, 2013

The week in review

Last Sunday things went about like they do every Sunday. Religious education hour, church service, home for a nap, news, take the trash to the curb for Monday pickup, etc.

On Monday, since Gail was still on vacation, we walked in the morning. This week I walked 11 miles.

On Tuesday, we ran an errand in Tulsa. I would say more, but I can't. Also, we attended Tai Chi Chuan class. That evening we went to a seminar on estate planning. They had food there, making it worthwhile.

One day this past week, I photocopied the newsletters for HAT. We are resuming the newsletter hoping it might generate more interest in the organization. We ceased publishing the newsletter when e-mail came along about ten years ago.

On Thursday evening we went to the Brookside Library for a meeting. No one showed up. I am thinking of canceling the group. It is the Oklahoma Observer Discussion Group.

Today, we went to the Schusterman-Benson Library for the HAT meeting, but our regular attendees were at the talk given by Mikey Weinstein. I would have been there myself, except the AHA had notified its members in northeast Oklahoma of the HAT meeting. I felt someone needed to be at the Library in case anyone receiving the notice showed up.

In between all these activities, I have been reading my tablet. I have downloaded about 150 books in the last few years. The books which were on my Kindle (now defunct), I transferred to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Today I downloaded Wuthering Heights,. I read it several years ago, but as it was a free download, I went ahead and added it to my library.

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