Sunday, July 27, 2014

Events of the week

It is Sunday once again. This past week we made a trip to Springfield. We left on Wednesday and came back on Friday.

We were busy the entire time in Springfield. Neither my mother nor sister drive. Only my dad drives, but with macular degeneration coming on, he does not get out very often. We made trips to K-Mart and the library. Dad treated us to a dinner at Rib Crib one evening.

Today at church, one member told us about her grandson, 31 years old, who had a sudden illness. He was sick for two days and then died. The subject of today's talk was Woody Guthrie. We sang this "This Land is Your Land." The talk was given by Joy Avery.

On Saturday, we had our monthly Food and Fellowship gathering at La Hacienda on S. Peoria. Due to road construction, access to businesses along that stretch of road has been hampered. The road was opened up just this week. I hope we benefitted La Hacienda by eating there. We usually have 8 to 10 people attend our Food and Fellowship gatherings.

After the F&F gathering, we went by the church. A Democratic group had rented the building for an ice cream social. We stopped by for a half hour.

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