Saturday, April 02, 2011

Catch up

I last posted to my blog on Tuesday, and here it is Saturday. I have a small problem with my computer -- one which Nick said he could fix in a couple of minutes. However, Jen was out in the car waiting on him, so J hurried him off. I am using the laptop computer to make this post.

Last Wednesday, I attended a meeting at the Democratic Party headquarters (downtown Tulsa) for delegates to the upcoming country convention. It lasted a couple of hours, maybe less.

The next day a service guy from Air Solutions came out for the spring tune-up of our AC.

On Friday, we had some banking to take care of. Luke and Ayla stayed overnight with us.

Today was the day of the Tulsa County Democratic Party Convention. That event lasted from 9 to 2:30. There were a couple of hundred people in attendance.

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