Friday, April 08, 2011

Preserving paragraphing with Blogger

A friend wrote on her blog that she would at times lose paragraphing while blogging. At the top of the form into which you type your blog's content, you will see "Edit Html" and "Compose."

To preserve paragraphing you must be using "Edit Html." This will keep your paragraphs intact.

I went walking this morning at the fitness center. I did three miles. While walking, I listened to music by Scott Joplin.

This evening, we went to Barnes & Noble Bookstore for the Poetry Group meeting. This is the first time we have met at this venue. Border's Bookstore, our traditional meeting place, is closing its store. We found a number things about B&N that we did not like. We may be meeting elsewhere next month. Today we read poems by nineteenth century German romantic poets. Next month the subject will be the poems of Sharon Olds.

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