Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The last few days

I wrote about our trip to Ponca City with Glenn and Gail, eating at Enriques, and visiting the Pioneer Woman's Museum.  That was last Friday.  We got home before dark.  Gail and I played our duet for Glenn and J on my grand piano.

The next day, Saturday, it seemed to rain all day long.  We had Ayla with us from the evening before.  The three of us went to Gail's violin recital that afternoon.  It was held at Hope Unitarian Church.  There were about 50 people in the audience.  Gail was not the only performer.  She is in a Suzuki class with others.  Ayla was getting restless, and we decided to leave at the intermission.

We drove to Charlie's Chicken and had lunch there.  It was still raining and the floor was slippery.  I managed to remain upright despite the slick floor.  Following lunch we went to Hahn's Appliance and bought a new filter for our refrigerator water supply.  We drove home in the rain.  That evening, we went to Randy's for Movie Night.  Gail and I played a our duet once again.  The movie was a documentary about some cave drawings which were recently discovered in France.  It seems a landslide had sealed over the entrance to the cave thousands of years ago.  Inside the cave are drawings of animals.  The drawings were made 30 to 40 thousand years ago, according to carbon dating.  They are the earliest human artifacts that we know.

The next day, Sunday, Gail and I played the special selection at Church of the Restoration.  It was the same music we had played earlier, a combination of Jingle Bells and Silent Night.  The message was given by Bill Dusenberry.  He spoke on "Licensure of Parents."  The next Humanist Sunday will  be on New Year's Day.  I will be the speaker then.  My subject will be World Population Growth.

The next day, Monday, Gail came over for our weekly duet practice session.  We are hoping to work up "Tierra Del Sol," a Latin sounding piece.  We played it years before, around 2006 I think.  When you don't play a piece regularly, you forget much about it.  So we are rediscovering this piece.  After we worked on this piece, we played Christmas music.  It is, after all, that time of year.

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