Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A visit to Occupy Tulsa

I left out one thing from last Sunday.  During the Religious Education period, 10 am to 11 am, we talked about what we can do to help the Occupy Movement.  We decided to visit the site and talk with the people there.

When I arrived there about five people were at the site.  The person in charge seemed to be Eli.  The group has no structure to speak of, but they have figured out a means to insure that someone is at the site at all times.  When we left, there were about five people there, but not the same five who were there when I arrived.  Supporters came, stayed a while, and then left.

As I was parking my car, I saw another Restoration church member drive up.  It was Joy Avery.  A little later, Mary Rounds drove up.  Joy had brought with her a church hymnal.  We three sang a few songs together, a capella style.  Joy plays guitar, but she did not have it with her.  We asked Eli about upcoming actions, and he filled us in.

I was reminded of something Bill Dusenberry has said.  Nowdays, atheists and Christians have reversed roles.  Today you find atheists out working for social justice, while the Christians play the role of detractor of those working for social justice.  This is something of an overgeneralization for you can find Christians such as Sojourners (associated with the political left) who are working for social justice. 

We stayed about an hour before leaving.

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