Saturday, April 21, 2012

Humanism and the Arts

Today while J was working at the Herbal Affair in downtown Sand Springs, I was at Church of the Restoration taking part in a Humanism and the Arts program.  I played a Russian piece titled "Our Cry" and the familiar "Morning Has Broken."  Gail and I played a duet, Vanhal's "Sonatina No. 1."

The event started with a brunch at 11:00 am.  The purpose of the brunch was to have representatives of the  building's various users get together and get to know one another.  Not only is the building used by the Unitarian Universalists, but also by the Quakers, Muslims, Peace Movement, Secular Organization for Sobreity, and Humanists.  Tables were set up in the main meeting area where we sat to eat the brunch.  About 30 people were there.

Each of the representatives of the participating groups spoke about our organizations.  I represented the Humanist Association of Tulsa.  The event was recorded on videotape by Vanessa.  If it is posted on YouTube, I will let you know.

The Humanism and the Arts program began following the conclusion of the brunch.  I had some concern since only five people had signed up, but once we got going everyone there wanted to get into the act.  The Arts program lasted for two hours.  A few people did multiple things.

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