Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend review

This past weekend was my big weekend of the month.  I say that because there are three events I usually attend on the fourth weekend of the month.

First, there is Church of the Restoration.  I was there at 9:30 a.m. for the R.E. portion.  Today we talked about immigration.  There were six of us for the discussion.

The service followined at 11:00.  The theme for today's service was Earth Day.  Mary had a rock which she had picked up at a place of significance for her.  She passed it around.  As each person held the rock, he or she would say something about Earth Day.  When I held the rock, I reminded the congregation about the importance of population growth to the planet's well being.  Each day the planet grows by about half the size of Tulsa.  Add the number of births and subtract the number of deaths, and in two days time you have another Tulsa spread out over the globe.  How long can we keep growing like this?

Next was the Atheist Community of Tulsa meeting at the Agora Coffee House.  There were about 20 people there for that.  I had to leave early and go the Food Pyramid and get a food item (potato salad) to take to Marilyn's.  Marilyn hosts the Dream Group.  We gather to discuss our dreams.  I had just three dreams I could recall since our last meeting.  Once we finished talking about our dreeams, we sat around Marilyn's table and ate turkey, bread, potato salad and a few other items.  For dessert we had cookies.

Gail came over today and we practiced duets.  For seven years now she has driven to my house from Tulsa to practice duets.  She has been a blessing in my life.  She and her husband Glenn will be buying a travel trailer this fall.  They intend to travel the country and see the sights.  That will create a hiatus in our duet performances.

I tried to copy the right side of the photo below and upload it.  I am doing something wrong, because the picture shows only the left side of the picture.  I will try again sometime. 

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