Thursday, April 12, 2012

Out and about

Last week we took a trip to Springfield, MO to visit with my parents.  While there I borrowed a photo from my mother taken around 1932.  She would have been ten years old at the time.  She described the people and some of the events at that time in Holly Grove.  Tonight I added more to the narrative.  If interested, you can read it below.

Last Sunday at church the speaker was Mary Rounds.  We had an attendance of 15.  Attendance has grown a little over the last few months.  We have had four people join the church recently.

On Monday, Gail came over for piano duet practice.  We will be having another Humanism and the Arts program soon at the church.  We played some new pieces published just this year which were written by Melody Bober, one of our favorite contemporary composers.  For the Arts program, we plan to play Sonatina No. 1 by Vanhall.

On Tuesday, J and I picked up Glenn and Gail and went to El Rio Verde, a Mexican restaurant with the reputation of being one of the best in Tulsa.  We had to wait to be seated as the seating area will hold only about 30 people.

I have been working on my garden this spring.  I bought several bags of topsoil and some potting soil.  I have two topsy-turvy hanging tomato plants this year, as well as other tomato plants in containers.  I also have a couple of cucumber plants.  Today I put out some beans.  I hope the cold weather is over.

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