Monday, June 10, 2013

Back from vacation

We are back from a vacation to Sedalia, Mo.  We left Wednesday evening around 4:40 pm.  We drove to Nevada, Mo. and got a room for the night at the Super 8.  There are several geocaches in Nevada, and we had just enough time to look for two before it got dark.  The first cache we looked for was on a caboose in a park.  We got some help finding the cache from a person who was familiar with the location.

The second cache was near the county courthouse.  There just happened to be a concert going on there with a crowd of a couple hundred out on the courthouse lawn.  As darkness fell, we had not found the cache.  But with so many people around, we did not check out every possibility.

The next morning, we got up and drove on to Sedalia -- a town of about 20,000 inhabitants. I took a lot of pictures there.  I will post some later.  There were plenty of people there for the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival.  This was our first year to attend the event.  It ran from Wednesday the 5th thru Saturday the 9th.  Some of the best ragtime piano players in the nation were there.

There were five performance venues going nonstop from 9am until 5pm each day.  The daytime piano playing was free.  Only the evening performances were ticketed events.

Due to the popularity of the event, lodging was sold out.  I had phoned motels looking for a room about a month prior to the Festival, but all were sold out.  We stayed in Sweet Springs, which is about 30 miles away to the north.

I had time to find two caches while in Sedalia.  We had pleasent weather while there.  We plan to go back next year.

Saturday afternoon, we drove to Springfield and spent the night at my parents' apartment.  We left Sunday afternoon and returned to Sand Springs.

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