Sunday, June 02, 2013

Weather settles down

It appears the weather in Oklahoma has settled down for a while.  We have had a spate of rough weather.  Nearby Broken Arrow was hit with a tornado a few days ago.  Other parts of the state had it worse.

There is nothing new to write about.  I have been doing my usual activities.  Today I was the speaker at church.  I spoke about the book The God Virus.  It was written by psychologist Darrel Ray.

I will once again be playing piano for Edna on the 16th and 23rd.

It appears that I will once again be the speaker for Humanist Sunday in July.  I'm not sure yet what my topic will be.

I am continuing my walking regimen.  I am somewhere around 160 miles for the year so far.  I had to miss the last couple of volkswalks.  I should go out to Keystone Lake and do the year-round walk there a few times.

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