Saturday, June 29, 2013

Latest happenings

Here it is Saturday evening.  First, I should say my computer is pretty goofy.  There are a lot of strange things happening with it.  I think next week I will need to get it checked out.

Looking back on this week, I would say the highlight was on Thursday evening when I appeared before the Tulsa City Council and gave the secular invocation.  On the downside, not a single person was there in support of my presentation.  Likewise, this evening at the Arts program at Church of the Restoration, Gail came to play piano duets with me, and J was the sole person in the audience.  We had to call if off.  Where were all the freethinkers?  Why is it so difficult to get support?

Edna should be back tomorrow to play piano.  I will still do my ten-minute pre-service atmospherics at the piano.  Is atmospherics the right word?  Maybe mood meditations might be a better term.

Well, I'm kinda bummed out right now.  But there was one thing that went well.  This morning, J and I went to Clarehouse.  Clarehouse is where people go to die.  It is on Mingo in east Tulsa, not far from TCC southeast campus.  Rev. Debra Garfinkle invited the church to walk a labyrinth there.  I have been a labyrinth walker from a long time back; so I had to go.  There were eight people there, or about half the church.  We talked about labyrinths and then walked the 11-circuit Chartre-style labyrinth on the grounds.  Afterwards, we ate at a Charley's Chicken in Tulsa.

I have been trying to avoid eating wheat for a couple of weeks now.  I will write more about this later.  Avoiding wheat is difficult since wheat is used in so many food products.  But we have found a few dishes where wheat is not used.

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