Monday, January 06, 2014

The polar vortex strikes

It has been super cold. It is probably another effect of global climate change. Fortunately, I don't have to get out and go to work. Another reason to be thankful for retirement.

Although I did not have to get out, I did anyway. Yesterday, I was scheduled to speak at Church of the Restoration. Gail and I had planned to play a duet. The weatherman at Channel 8 was warning people about getting out. We had a thin layer of ice on the streets. On top of the ice there was a dusting of snow. Yesterday was Humanist Sunday and not wanting any of my friends to put themselves at risk, I sent out an e-mail advising our members to stay put and not come to church. To make sure they got the message I phoned Gail and Marilyn, both of whom were on the program. I phoned Mary, one of the leaders in our church to see if church would meet, and she said she would be there. Mary leads the Religious Education hour at 10 am.

I got in my car and drove to church. I had no trouble at all getting to church. When I arrived Mary was there along with Larry Hochhaus. Larry was leading the R.E. hour this Sunday. We read and discussed two ethical dilemmas from a column that appear in the New York Times. I think the column is called "The Ethicist." A short time later, Rev. Debra Garfinkel arrived and joined the conversation.

At ten until eleven I moved to the sanctuary and began playing the piano. I do the introductory music each Sunday. During this time Vanessa arrived. Edna, the pianist, who is now 78 years old, was given the day off. I filled in at the piano. My special selection was the National Anthem of South Africa. If you watched the coverage of the Nelson Mandela funeral, you probably heard this music.

With the bitter cold and hazardous driving conditions, there were just five of us there today. So I gave my twenty- minute talk for the four in the congregation.

The only problem driving I had was as I got in front of the house coming back. I turned the steering wheel to go into the driveway, but the car continued going straight. When the car stopped, I back up and then got into the driveway.

Today Gail came over, and we played duets for a couple of hours. Coming from and going back to her car, she walked in the snow for better footing. The temperature was in the single digits.

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