Sunday, January 26, 2014

The weekend

Friday evening we drove over to Broken Arrow (via Creek Turnpike) to attend a concert. We saw the Ten Tenors at the BA PAC. If tenors were called niners, I suppose we would have seen the Nine Niners instead. The tenors were accompanied by a eight piece orchestra. The show ran for two and a half hours with a twenty-minute intermission. Coming home, we drove back going through Tulsa.

The next day was our monthly Food and Fellowship gathering. We met at Asian Cuisine. Attendance was nine. John S. came for the first time. Russell B. and Kathy W. were there. We had not seen them in a long time. Russell has a farm a few miles east of Tulsa. He is going to invite the HAT group out there sometime this coming spring.

At church today we talked about changing the monthly potluch lunch to a breakfast. If we do that, we will change the starting time to time 9:30 am. This change comes at my recommendation.

Rev. Debra preached today. After the service was over most of the congregation met in the Community Room for our first gathering of our "Speaking Truth to Power" group. The five of us wrote letters to state officials on three issues of concern.

In the afternoon, I played catch with my grandson out in the backyard. He seemed to really like it.

In the evening, we went to Bethany Church (Disciples of Christ) on Sheridan for an initial meeting of a group that goes by the name VOICE in Oklahoma City. VOICE is an acronym, but I have forgotten what it stands for.

Afterwards, we stopped at a Thai restaurant for a light dinner.

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