Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sebelius - Goodbye to Bob - trigger finger

While at church Sunday someone had tickets to an afternoon concert at the Tulsa PAC. Bill D. claimed the tickets, but upon phoning his wife, he discovered they had other plans. So I ended up with the tickets. I phoned J but got her voice mail. I left a message telling her I had tickets and headed home. When I got there she was with Luke. She told me to go on to the concert without her.

I arrived at the PAC about 10 minutes before the concert started. It was an all Sebelius concert. "Finlandia" was the opening work, followed by two other short pieces by Sebelius. After the intermission, Symphony No. 2 was performed.

After the concert, I headed home (a 20 to 25 minute drive)and picked up J and we went back to Tulsa to say goodbye to Bob Pugh. Bob had died on Thursday. Bob was one of the founders of the Tulsa Walking Club. He had walked in all 50 of the states and in all 77 counties of Oklahoma. He had also walked in 9 foreign countries. He held key positions in the TWC, including trailmaster. The Club is going to miss Bob. He was just a couple weeks shy of his 89th birthday.

I continue to walk several times a week. I am now up to 357 miles this year.

In the past month I have developed a condition known as trigger finger. I went to the my doctor's n.p. who checked my hand and referred me to a hand surgeon. I have been reading articles on the Internet about the condition. It is more of a nuisance than anything. I am supposed to see the surgeon in a couple of months. I hope by that time that it has gone away. It is my middle finger on my left hand that has the problem. I have seen advertised a device that looks something like a ring with a flange on it. I might get one of those to see if it resolves my problem.

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