Sunday, October 19, 2014

To Springfield and back

We made another trip to Springfield this week. We left on Wednesday and returned on Friday. It was good to see my parents again and take them to various places they needed to go.

While there I walked the hallway on the third floor of the Abbey for an hour. That brought my total for the year to 369 miles. That means I have achieved my goal of walking an average of a mile a day. I will continue and see if I can make it to 400 miles for the year.

I went to the church work day on Saturday. There were about 20 people there. Other groups use the building where we hold services. There is the SOS group - a secular organization for sobriety. The Muslims meet there, also. All together there are four or five groups using the building. A lot of work got done Saturday. We cleaned out the religious education room, throwing away three large plastic bags of out of date material. There is a paper recycling bin across the street. I took several boxes of paper and dumped them in the bin. Outside I dug up irises from the flower beds.

Attendance at church was down today. The speaker was Rev. Debra. We had only six in attendance at the start of the service. A couple more came in as the service was going.

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