Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back from a brief vacation

Wednesday morning we left for a brief vacation. We drove toward Oklahoma City but got off the turnpike at Stroud. We took highway 99 south to Ada. We had a reservation at a motel there. On the way, we stopped in Seminole at a Taco Bell for lunch. Then we went to a Braum's for a chocolate shake. Once in Ada, we checked into our motel. That evening for dinner we ate at a Santa Fe Cattle Co. I had salmon. J had a steak.

The next day we drove to Sulphur. We visited the Chickasaw Heritage Center just southwest of the town. There are several building on the campus. In the auditorium we saw a stomp dance and watched a film. Afterwards we ate Indian tacos in the cafeteria. There is a reconstructed Chickasaw village on the grounds. The village is enclosed in a palisade made of wooden posts. The tribal council building was the largest in the fort-like compound.

The museum contains several artifacts. It would take several hours to take it all in. We hurriedly went thru it in about an hour.

Going back to Ada, we took the turnpike. I have a Pikepass and did not check the fee to use the turnpike. But the turnpike is a joke. It is nothing more than a two-lane highway. I have traveled on much better roads for free in the state.

That evening we dined at Prairie Kitchen in Ada. The decor was very interesting. I took several pictures of the interior. I will post some later.

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