Sunday, November 02, 2014

Movie; Halloween; Finger; Workday at Church

This past week J and I saw a movie. It was St. Vincent starring Bill Murray. It's a better than average movie, but notinh to rave about. The dialogue has some clever wording. All in all, it's sort of a downer, but I guess you could say it is true to life.

Last night was Halloween. On the way back from Springfield (Friday), we stopped at Vinita and went in to a WalMart and bought candy for the trick-or-treaters we expected that evening. J was not feeling well and went to bed around 5 pm. After watching the evening news, I went outside and set up my candy stand so that the trick-or-treaters could do their thing without ringing the doorbell. It had turned off cold that day, which probably had a lot to do with the low number of t-o-t that came by the house. I would say we had, at the most, 30 t-o-t last night.

My trigger finger is still bothering me. It is the middle finger on my left hand. I am still able to play piano, but not quite as well as before this condition came on. I see a surgeon next month who will advise me on what to do.

Today was another workday at the church. Someone a few weeks back stole the gate to the children's play area. I happened to have a gate (chain-link fence type) that we took down a few years back just taking up room in the shed. I loaded it into the car and took it to church today. It was just the right size. It fit like a glove.

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