Thursday, November 13, 2014


I haven't posted anything to my blog in quite a few days. I have been doing a few things which if I don't write about soon will fade from my memory. So here goes...

Last week we spent four days in southwest Missouri. We drove to Springfield to check on my parents and then drove on down to Branson. Earlier this year we had noticed that people who were married in 1976 got free season's passes to Silver Dollar City. Although we have made several trips to Springfield this year, we never found the time to go to Branson. Last week we did.

We stayed at the Best Western which is about a half mile from Silver Dollar City. It was close enough that you could hear the sound of the steam engine at SDC. It was very convenient that there was a Dollar General store next to the motel as we went there for soft drinks and other vacation supplies. The last night we stayed there, Friday, the motel was packed. Returning from the acrobats show, we found only one parking spot outside the motel. It was off in the south forty. The motel needed a shuttle between the parking lot and the motel. There was a good breakfast at the motel, however there were no vacant tables in the breakfast area.

We saw a couple of shows at SDC. One was an adaptation of the film "It's a Wonderful Life" while the other was an adaptation of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." Both were musicals. Also, while in Branson we saw "The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai." Their balance and agility were truly amazing. One man stood on a plank on top of a barrel and flipped bowls from the end of the plank and caught them on the top of his head. Although it was mid-November, there were still plenty of tourists around.

We left home on Wednesday and returned on Saturday. The next day was Sunday. At church Rev. Debra gave the talk. We had seven visitors from a UU seminary visiting. Soon we will be putting up a Tree of Knowledge in the sanctuary.

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