Friday, October 09, 2009

Duet practice and poetry

Today was a cooler day than we have experienced in quite a while. I guess it it time to put away the shorts and bring out the jeans. I have been wearing a jacket today every time I went out.

Gail came over today and we played duets at the piano for two hours. I had been away from the piano for almost three weeks but didn't do too badly. Gail brought with her some new music she had acquired, and I had a few new pieces I had come by myself. So we played a lot of new music today.

I did not make it to the Fitness Center today, but I need to get back into the groove of walking.

This evening I went to the poetry group meeting held at Border's Bookstore. There were seven of us there. Tonight we read poems by Robert Frost. I read to the group "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," "After Apple-Picking," and "The Tuft of Flowers." Next month we will read poems by Eavan Boland. I am unfamiliar with this poet.

I learned that if you are a member of AARP and show them your membership card, you can get a discount of 10% on books.

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