Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I Aged Ten Years Today

Yesterday at noon, a group of Move-On supporters gathered at 41st and Yale to demonstrate on behalf of healthcare reform. I was among the group of 40 at this intersection. The weather was not the best. It had been dreary in this part of the state for the last two or three days. The skies were overcast and a fine mist was coming down.

Last night I attended the Mid-Month Social gathering sponsored by Tulsa Atheists Meetup. There were eight of us there. This will be my last social gathering as Organizer. I will be resigning shortly after the main meeting (fourth Sunday) for October. Kenny N. will take over for me.

The social was held at the Rib Crib on Sheridan. I had the all-you-can-eat two meats and two sides for $10.99 plate. It was great. I probably put on a couple of pounds in the process.

This morning I was listening to Diane Rehm on the radio. The program was on taxing soft drinks. I am going to try abstaining from soft drinks for a while to see if it makes any difference in my weight. I now weigh 238 lbs. as of Wednesday. When I got out of the hospital, soon to be three years ago, I weighted 206 lbs. I eat out a lot and when I do I always order Dr. Pepper to drink. I am going to start drinking water instead.

Today we went to the Beltone hearing aid center in Tulsa. We both had our hearing tested. I knew I had a hearing loss before we went. The worker checked our hearing with many tests. I had received hearing aids from a doctor I went to about two years ago, but I returned them. Today I got another set of hearing aids. That is why I feel like I have aged ten years. I do occasionally misunderstand words and have to ask the speaker to repeat them for me.

Hearing aids are a high tech device these days. The ones I have come with three settings. I haven't played around with them enough to discover the difference in the three settings yet. I feel like I could have gotten by without them, but J has been after me to get them for quite a while. They cost about $5,000.

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