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If religion wishes to interfere with public education by teaching God-driven science, maybe public education could return the favor by teaching religion. A good introductory course could be an introduction to the Biblical canon--how the books in the Bible came to be there, who wrote them, what changes were made, how people who disagreed with the church fathers were treated, etc. There's lots of controversy; so the course could be a perfect complement to what Kern is proposing.

Q. Who wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?
A. We don't know who wrote them. The names of the authors were attached to the books long after they were written.

Q. How many original texts of any parts of the Bible do we have?
A. None. The earliest texts we have are all copies of earlier texts.

Q. Were transcription errors made?
A. You bet. There were the unintentional and, more importantly, the intentional. As one example, the Trinity doctrine (God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit) is questionable as such wasn't present in the earliest manuscripts.

Q. How many changes have been made to the New Testament?
A. More changes than there are words in it.

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Anonymous said...

YES! You remind me of this old story..............

A few years ago, a young priest went to work in an Abbey and his first job was to copy the ancient scriptures of the bible by hand. One day he noticed a problem. All the priests, who were doing the Asame thing, were making copies from other copies and he went to the Abbot and told him about it.
" Father..." The young priest explained, "If there was just one mistake made then it's been repeated over and over again!"

The Abbot thanked the priest for noticing the problem and disappeared. Hours later, when no one had seen him all day, the worried priest went searching and finally found him sobbing over the original text, which had been locked away in the Monasteries safe for centuries.

" We forgot the "R"!" He kept saying, over and over.

The young priest was somewhat taken aback at his distress and said;
"Father, what's wrong?"
Tearfully, the old Abbot looked up and said;

"Celebrate......the word was celebrate"

.....and that is the way I heard the story.