Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Library, Borders, and more

Today we went to the library where I had some books waiting on me to pick up. After we got home, we got back in the car and went to Border's in Tulsa to get a gift for my son whose birthday is coming up shortly. We were going to get him a book, but we decided it would be better to get him a gift card. That way he can pick out what he wants to read.

While there, J looked at the eReaders. She is thinking about getting one. I still love my Kindle. I spend time with it every day. I take it with me and read it while waiting for appointments.

Do you know about the World Pantheist Movement? You can read about it at http://www.pantheism.net/. I find that it fits in well with my outlook on life. Take a look at the site. You might want to join.

Tonight I worked on some talks which I will be presenting at Restoration starting in February.

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