Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The MP3 Saga

Earlier this week I was about to go to the fitness center and walk.  I looked in the drawer where I keep my MP3, only to discover it was not there.  I looked around the house hoping to discover my MP3 player.  No luck.  Where was it?

I decided to look again in the car.  I found it underneath the driver's seat.  I found the MP3 player, but the ear buds were not attached to it.   I suppose the MP3 player had come out of my pocket, but what happened to the ear buds?  I searched the car over for the ear buds for about 20 minutes, but never came up with it.

Off I go to WalMart.  There were several ear buds available.  I bought the least expensive model ($5).  They worked out fine.

Whatever became of the original ear buds, I have no idea.

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