Monday, January 16, 2012

Occupy Tulsa rally

There was a rally held by Occupy Tulsa today at the Greenwood Cultural Center.  I took some pictures which I will post later after we get our computer "fixed."  We plan to take it in to the shop tomorrow to have a card replaced.  The card is essential to connect to the internet.  Tonight I am writing on the laptop.

The event started around 3 pm and went until about 5 pm.  While there I saw Larry H. from Restoratiion and Jean M. from the HAT group.  Today was MLK day.  The weather was great - near 70 degrees today.  There were some great, inspirational speeches made at the event.  There was also music.  A woman played accordian as a man played guitar.  There was also a group of drummers there.

The purpose for the rally was to focus attention on the Greenwood Cultural Center.  Greenwood is the section of Tulsa which was destroyed during the race massacre of 1921.  The continuation of the GCC is threatened due to the lack of money to sustain the community center.  There are tentative plans for OSU-Tulsa to take over the property.  The GCC has been defunded like so many other organizations which formerly received government support.

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