Sunday, January 01, 2012

The tail end of 2011

Today is New Year's Day, but I have a few things to say about the closing of 2011.  I saw my dermatologist Monday afternoon.  We packed up and left for a trip to Springfield on Tuesday.  We took Ayla with us and spent that night at the Arbor, a nearby motel.  We ate at Logan's Roadhouse on Battlefield, not far from where my parents live.  I had the catfish fillets.

Next morning, we took advantage of the free breakfast at the Arbor.  We then went to my parents' apartment.  Nick and his family drove up and joined us.  This day we ate at the Golden Corral.  Ayla rejoined her family, and they all went to Branson.  We stayed in Springfield and spent the night at my parents.

By 9 am the next morning we were on the road back to Sand Springs.  We had a boatload of mail awaiting us in the mailbox.  There was the mail from the holidays, plus mail from Tuesday through Thursday.  We made a trip to the bank and then over to Nick's to feed the goldfish.

When Nick got back, Luke wanted to spend the night at Nanna's, so we drove over to Nicks' and got Luke.

On the 31st, we went out to Keystone Park and got the year-round volkswalk set up for 2012.

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