Thursday, January 05, 2012

So far this week...

It is now Thursday.  This week has progressed like so many other weeks.  On Sunday I went to Restoration.  It was Humanist Sunday, and I gave the talk that day.  I spoke on "World Population Growth."  Gail and I played the special music, "Angels from the Realms of Glory."  Following the service we had a potluck dinner.

Next day was duet practice.  We plan to play a piece by Melody Bober for the February service.  We are still working on "Tierra Del Sol," but it is not yet ready.  We performed the piece about five year ago with no problem.  We got the piece out recently to re-learn it.  If you go for a while without playing a piece and then bring it back, it is about like starting over from the beginning with the piece.

On Wednesday, we drove to Oklahoma City.  On the way, we stopped at Chandler to do some geocaching.  However, we discovered we did not have the geocaching sheets with us.  We got back on the turnpike and drove in to OKC.  We stayed at the Best Western on N. Santa Fe.  We had dinner at Mamacita's.  J had business in OKC which she took care of the next day. 

Then we went downtown and parked in a parking garage.  We had lunch at the Art Museum.  It's a nice place.  Next went to the OKC Memorial & Museum.  There was much more there than I had expected.  I guess we were in the museum for two and a half hours.  The museum is the most thorough treatment of any one event (the OKC bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in 1995) that I have ever seen.  There are many TVs showing various aspects of the event.  The axle of the truck is there.  McVeigh's .45 handgun which was in his possession when he was arrested near Perry is on display.  Bits of the Ryder truck are there.  Film footage from a security camera of the Ryder truck going past a nearby builidng is there.  In short, there is so much there I could not see it all.  Toward the end of our visit, I was merely skimming the displays.  A part of the builidng (the old Journal Record building) was damaged by the blast.  It is left as it was following the blast.  You can see through the plexiglass and view the untouched rubble.

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