Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An outing

We got out of the house today and headed for Tulsa, once we picked up Jen and Luke and Ayla.  We headed for Incredible Pizza.  Jon (Jen's brother) followed in his car. It was a rainy day, and when we got to Incredible Pizza the line waiting to get in stretched out the door on to the sidewalk.  It was still raining lightly.  Noticing that the line was not moving, we decided to bail.  Both grandkids were heartbroken; Luke burst into tears.  Jon suggested we go to Dave and Busters.  We loaded up, and I followed Jon to Dave and Busters about a mile or two away.

Dave and Busters is sort of an upscale Incredible Pizza.  Instead of the all-you-can-eat pizza, D & B has a restaurant with a wait staff.  I ate grilled salmon on rice with carrots and broccoli.  In addition to the meal, you get a plastic card with a magnetic strip on the back which you use to activate the games in the game room.  After eating we played games for about an hour.  You get a number of tickets after you play a game depending on how well you performed.  I gained between 500 and 600 tickets.  Before you leave, you cash your tickets in for prizes.  We adults gave our tickets to Luke and Ayla.  They enjoyed picking out prizes.

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