Friday, March 30, 2012

Pictures from Bartlesville

Have you ever seen a white buffalo?  How about one with piano keys on its side?  We saw several of these buffalo statues today in Bartlesville.  A few years ago, Tulsa started something when the city placed several penquin statues around the town to raise funds for the zoo.  The statues are painted in many bizarre colors, much like the buffalo you will see below.

               Same buffalo from another angle.
This is Price Tower.  It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  We toured it a few years ago.  It is built somewhat like a Christmas tree.  The central shaft bears all the weight.
             This is the symphony hall, main venue for the annual OK Mozart festival.  It seats 1,500.

What a colorful buffalo.  The two buffalo appear to be grazing on the grass.

The same buffalo seen from another angle.  Note the First Christian Church in the background.

        Here is the church from a bit closer.

          An even closer look at the church.

Below is a close up of the doors.


      Here is a sculpture of an eagle with two eaglets in the nest.

       This depot was once in the town of Hulah, Oklahoma.

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