Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Week in Review Continued

On Tuesday, we went to our new polling location, the Cathedral of Praise.  It had been the Church of Christ.  Why it changed, I do not know.

In Oklahoma, when you vote in the primary, you are asked your party affiliation.  I told the poll worker that I was registered as a Democrat.  She gave me a ballot, which I marked for President Obama.  There was a second ballot having to do with some local issues.  I marked it as well.

Next we went across the street to the fitness center and walked a couple of miles.  We went home and showered and left for St. Patrick's Cathedral.  There were about a hundred people at St. Patrick's for the Journey to Easter program.  Most of the people were from the Methodist church.  As we were sitting there waiting for the service to begin, out comes the priests and chastises the people in the pews for talking.  A hush fell over the gathering.  Ten minutes later the service started.  St. Patrick's might be the most attractive church in Sand Springs, what with its stained glass windows and statuary (objects which some regard as idols).  After the service, we went downstairs to the fellowship hall and ate chili and a dessert.

When we had returned home, I got a call from someone asking about my education.  They wanted to know if I might be interested in taking further classwork and in what discipline.  I said I might be intered in working on a MA degree in English.  Just prior to receiving this call I had completed another online lesson on building your vocabulary which the library offers through its web site.  I don't know if the two are connected or not.  The person I spoke with asked if it would be all right to contact an online educational institution and provide them with my information.  I said it would.  Within five minutes my phone rang.  Someone from Grand Canyon University called to see if I would like to enroll as an online student.  I asked if they offered a MA degree in English.  It turned out they don't.  That was the end of that.

That evening J and I picked up Gail and Glenn Storey and went to a concert at Tulsa University.  The concert was held in the new Lorton Performance Center.  Tulsa Trio was the group performing.  Roger Price played the piano and two women played violin and cello.  We heard music by Mozart, Rachmaninoff, and Ravel.

Glenn has had jury duty this week.  We heard on the news tonight that there had been a shooting down at the court house.  Four or five people were shot.  It will be interesting to hear what Glenn has to say about this incident.

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